Astrophyllite is a very rare, brown to golden yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium
silicate mineral. The name comes from the Greek words astron meaning "star" and
phyllon meaning "leaf." sharply with the light coloured matrix the mineral is
regularly found within. Astrophyllite is usually opaque to translucent, but may be
transparent in thin specimens. The mineral is mostly interesting for scientists and
collectors, though sometimes it is also used in jewellery where it is fashioned into

Astrophyllite was first discovered in 1854 at its type locality; Laven Island, Norway.
It is found in a few scarce, remote localities: Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada;
Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA; Narsarsuk and Kangerdluarsuk, Greenland; Brevig,
Norway; and the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Metaphysical properties of this stone include the ability to enhance confidence,
intellect, insight, and recovery and to bring to life hidden forces.