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Seraphinite chip bracelets

Shungite oval elastic bracelets

Charoite round bracelets (Grade AB)

Charoite bracelets (rectangle) (Grade AA)

Charoite tumbled bracelets (Grade A)

Seraphinite tumbled bracelets (Grade A)

Shungite tumbled elastic bracelets

Petrovsky shungite elastic round bracelets

Silver bracelets with seraphinite

Silver bracelets with noble shungite

Charoite bracelets (rectangle) (Grade AAA)

Seraphinite round bracelets

Shungite square + round elastic bracelets

Silver chain bracelets with AAA charoite

Charoite round bracelets (Grade B)

Charoite bracelets (rectangle) (Grade A)

Charoite tumbled bracelets (Grade AB)

Seraphinite tumbled bracelets (Grade AB)

Shungite bracelets (olive + round)

Petrovsky shungite roundel bracelets (8mm)

Silver bracelets with eudialyte

Charoite round bracelets (Grade AAA)

Charoite bracelets square + round (Grade AAA)

Seraphinite roundel bracelets 8mm

Shungite rectangle elastic bracelets

Charoite round bracelets (Grade AA)

Charoite bracelets (square) (Grade AA)

Charoite bracelets square + round (Grade AA)

Charoite tumbled bracelets (Grade B)

Shungite elastic round bracelets 4-14mm

Shungite shambala bracelets, round

Petrovsky shungite tumbled elastic bracelets

Silver bracelets with nephrite

Charoite chip bracelets

Charoite tumbled bracelets (Grade AA)

Seraphinite square 12mm bracelets

Shungite square elastic bracelets

Charoite round bracelets (Grade A)

Charoite bracelets (square) (Grade A)

Charoite bracelets square + round (Grade A)

Eudialyte round bracelets (Grade A)

Shungite roundel elastic bracelets

Shungite shambala bracelets, tumbled

Petrovsky shungite bracelets

Silver bracelets with dendritic agate

Charoite bracelets (square) (Grade AAA)

Eudialyte round bracelets (Grade AA)

Seraphinite tumbled bracelets (Grade AA)

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