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Pendants & Pendulums

Shungite faceted drop pendants

Shungite pear shape pendants

Noble (silver) shungite pendulums with metal chain

Petrovsky shungite pendants

Silver pendants with seraphinite

925 silver pendants with noble shungite

Charoite oval pendants with hook

Astrophyllite pendulums

Seraphinite oval pendants with metal hook

Shungite drop pendants

Shungite pendulums cone

Noble (silver) shungite small pendants w/metal hooks

Petrovsky shungite pendulums

Silver pendants with eudialyte

Charoite tumbled pendants with hole

Charoite tumbled pendants with metal hook

Seraphinite heart pendants with silver hook

Seraphinite tumbled pendants with metal hook

Shungite hexagon point pendants

Shungite pendulums faceted

Shungite tumbled stone pendants with metal hook

Silver pendants with charoite

Silver pendants with nephrite

Charoite hexagon pendants

Charoite pendulums

Seraphinite hexagon point pendants with 925 silver hook

Shungite rectangle faceted pendants

Shungite tumbled pendants with hole

Shungite heart pendants

Silver pendants with charoite (AAA grade + faceted stone or turquoise)

Silver pendants with dendritic agate

Charoite heart pendants

Eudialyte heart pendants 25mm with silver hook

Seraphinite cone pendulums with metal chain

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